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The Project Management Rap

I'm standin' up in front because they say that I'm The Man.
I'm gonna teach you project management the very best I can.

You got yourselves a binder with a manual and slides.
But they're the same so you can take your notes where you decides.

Now better listen careful 'cause I'm gonna set some rules,
'cause this is serious stuff and not a conference of fools.

Turn your cell phones off or you can set 'em to vibrate
so I don't have to hear the ringtones of the music that I hate.

Now just to let you know, I'm gonna do a calculation
and you better pay attention 'cause this ain't no cheap vacation.

We're gonna start the course each day right on the dot at nine
and we'll break for lunch at noon—I hear the food'll be just fine.

We're gonna take a break about the middle of the morning
and the afternoon as well because I'm givin' you this warning.

That's four start times a day, which means four chances to be late.
But the course is two days long, which means the start times number eight
so you can see the problem even if you just ain't got the power
that if each start slips five minutes, then we're gonna lose an hour.

--Well, forty minutes actually. But the idea's the important thing.--

So you better get back in the room so we can start on time
or you'll miss something important, which'll really be a crime.

And if you do the work in here the very best you can,
then when you get back to your projects, they'll say you, you are The Man.


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