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Overview of our Courses

This is our Course Overview Page. Here you can find out what courses we offer and how we can customize them for your requirements. You can click on each course to see what it covers.

What Courses Do We Offer?

Click on each of the course names for a full description:

Our Standard Courses

Project Management Techniques

Advanced Project Management

Management Skills for Project Managers

Our Specialist Courses

Project Portfolio Management

Project Contract Management

The Project Management Office

Our In-Depth Courses

In-Depth: Quality Management

In-Depth: Scope Management

In-Depth: Risk Management

In-Depth: Building High Performance Teams


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On-Site Customized Project Management Training

The Opportunity

IS project managers need training,  just as any experts in your organization. There are many sources of seminars and courses available, but they all suffer from one of two problems. Either they're canned, pre-packaged "public" courses, or they're canned, pre-packaged in-house courses. In neither case do they offer completely what you want.

Customized training

Our training is a twenty-hour project management course, delivered at your site, offering the topics that you want covered, with the schedule that you select. Unlike a pre-packaged, canned course, our On-Site Customized Project Management Training delivers the topics that you think are important, with an emphasis on your organization’s unique needs.

The Topics You Want

We offer a menu of over forty topics, organized into three groups: Project Management, Advanced Project Management, and Management Skills For Project Managers. You can select up to twenty-five topics from any of the three groups. Uncertain about which ones to select? We can offer suggestions once we find out more about your organization.

The schedule you want

The training is twenty hours, and we can deliver this in one of four different schedules:

The dates you want

Just pick the dates that are best for you and let us know three weeks in advance. We’ll be there.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you offer your courses?

We have taught courses in Canada, the United States, the Philippines, and Malaysia. We are happy to travel enywhere to deliver our courses.

What industries do your courses target?

Our courses are directed toward technology, engineering, information systems, government, and telecommunications. We have also taught courses to participants in marketing, communications, construction, manufacturing, and law.

What types of clients have you taught for?

Our clients have included academia, engineering companies, consulting companies, public utilities, telecommunications companies, and government departments including health, housing, highways, and technology.

Are your courses public or in-house

We have taught both. Our in-house clients include companies in telecommunications, public utilities, agriculture, government, and software development. We also teach public courses offered by consulting companies to their clients.

We are a consulting company. Can we offer one of your courses under our name?

Absolutely. We have entered into partnership agreements with consulting companies in which all the course materials include the company's logo and the course is offered either by the company or by the company and Westwind Consulting jointly. It's up to you.

Who delivers the courses?

All our courses are delivered by the principal of Westwind Consulting, Jolyon Hallows.

Are the courses lecture or exercises?

All our courses are based on a combination of lecture and exercises. Participants work in teams and, for our course on Project Management Techniques, they develop a plan for a live project—one of the ones they are involved with. At the end of the course, one project from each team will have the basis for its plan already prepared.

How many participants can attend?

Because the courses are interactive, we limit each course to twenty-five participants. We will deliver it for as few as fifteen. Participants are grouped into teams of four or five members.

We don't have a lot of project managers. How can we schedule a course?

There are three things to look at.

First, many of our clients have booked senior managers into our courses. These managers won't manage projects directly, but they need to understand how good project management works so that they can manage and support their project managers.

Second, if you deal with other companies that are concerned with the level of their project management, you can invite them to send participants to the course and split the costs—or even charge them a reasonable rate that will allow you to recover some of the costs and get the training for your people at an even lower cost.

Third, if you belong to an industry association, you could ask them to sponsor a course for their members. It's a good way to enhance the practices of your entire industry.

What do we need to provide?

We ask you to provide the room, a projector and screen, and the participants. That’s it. If you also want to provide refreshments, that’s at your option.

At what level is the course taught?

That depends upon your participants. We find out before the course what experience your people have and we customize the course to that level. However, there are no prerequisites and we have often delivered our courses to new project managers.

How long are the courses?
What's included in the price?

We offer an all-inclusive course fee that provides you with the following:

The price includes all your travel and living costs?


Do you do an evaluation?

Yes. We ask the participants to evaluate the instructor and the course. We provide you with those evaluations.

What is the price?

That depends on your location and the date on which you want the course. Contact us and we’ll provide you an all-inclusive fixed price. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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Testimonials, Recommendations, and Praise From Our Participants

“The interaction of the entire group was excellent.” Gary, NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA

“Jolyon presented the material in a clear, concise manner. The presentation / training was a wonderful mix of knowledge and information.” Sharon, NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA.

“[Great] clarity of presentation.” Bob, NYC Department of Health, New York, USA.

“…an excellent way of building and maintaining an effective team.” Clovine, NYC Technology Forum, New York, USA.

“The training course is very well done. I enjoyed the class very much.” Ji-Hua, NYC Technology Forum, New York, USA.

“Thanks. It was a blast!” Sydney, NYC Technology Forum, New York, USA.

“This has been a very educational and worthwhile course.” Osman, NYC Technology Forum, New York, USA.

“This course was excellent. [A] comprehensive and scientific approach to project management. Wouldn’t change a thing.” Robert, NYC Technology Forum, New York, USA.

“Exercises were creative and interactive.” Donay, NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA.

“Materials and exercises were perfect.” Larry, NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA.

“Mr. Hallows did a fantastic job—kudos to him.” Sharon. NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA.

“I feel like I now have the framework to effectively manage a project.” Eric, NYC Housing Authority, New York, USA.

“Great presenter, good speaker and encouraged class participation.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Enjoyable session. Practical approach to project management with real life tangible application” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Excellent instructor.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“I don’t like giving 10s!” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Awesome! I especially liked covering off our issues in the end.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“The instructor clearly has a lot of experience in the field – really enjoyed the anecdotes” BC Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada.

“Great attitude. Personal anecdotes were helpful and enlightening” BC Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada.

“Jolyon brings a great approach to this course.” BC Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada.

“Best instructor overall. I have taken several project management courses and this has been the best laid out course. Best taught.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Great facilitation skills. Good example of someone who is a content expert as well as an educator.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

Good application of concepts/theories to work related situations.” Manila Water, Manila, Philippines.

“Practical application and real examples we could relate to our projects.” Manila Water, Manila, Philippines.

“I think the program has contributed much to the learning of the group.” Manila Water, Manila, Philippines.

“The exercises are fun.” PM Boot Camp, Manila, Philippines.

“Good sharing of real-life scenarios and experiences. The examples were most helpful.” PM Boot Camp, Manila, Philippines.

“Presenter was very knowledgeable and covered all topics of interest.” Gus, AT&T, Toronto, Canada.

“Presentation very well done. Lots of examples.” Brent, AT&T, Toronto, Canada.

“Liked the fact that we worked on real projects. Helped facilitate understanding of concepts.” Hayley, AT&T, Toronto, Canada.

“Knows the material extremely well and presents it well.” Pervasive Software, Toronto, Canada.

“The course materials were valuable, especially Jolyon’s book.” Richard, Pervasive Software, Toronto, Canada.

“Gives off an aura of total competence in people management.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Jolyon is an excellent presenter. I wish we had more time to learn from him.” SFU Managing Technology Projects, Vancouver, Canada.

“Thank you. It was a wonderful experience.” SFU Diploma in Applied Project Management, Vancouver, Canada.

“Enthusiastic about topics. Good life examples.” SFU Diploma in Applied Project Management, Vancouver, Canada.


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