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Westwind Partnerships

As part of its focus on global project management training, Westwind is seeking international partners to market the company’s seminars in their countries. Click here to see our current list of partners.

Typically, our partners are consulting companies with a strong market presence and a focus on customer service. They see an opportunity to offer high-quality project management training into their marketplace, but they recognize three problems:

  1. It is hard and costly to develop good training products.
  2. It is risky because the sales may not recover the development costs.
  3. It can divert resources from the company’s primary goals.

Partnering with Westwind resolves all of these problems.

  1. Our seminars are already developed and mature.
  2. There is no cost until a seminar is delivered, hence no risk.
  3. Other than talking to customers, there is no demand on resources.

We have developed a suite of best-practices seminars ranging from Project Management Techniques to advanced topics such as Project Portfolio Management and Building High-Performance Teams and we are ready to deliver these at any time to any customer. We also work with our partners and their customers to modify the seminars to meet the customers’ needs; each seminar is designed specifically for each customer. The seminars are delivered in English.

If you believe that there is the possibility for us to work together in offering these courses, we would like to hear from you. Please send an inquiry to our CEO at jhallows@westwindconsulting.com. Please let us know why you believe your company would be a good fit for a partnership. We look forward to working with you. Please check out our growing list of partners.


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