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The Project Management Office Toolkit

by Jolyon Hallows


PMO Toolkit cover




Focus of the book

The Project Management Office Toolkit has the following focuses:


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Table of Contents

Contents Contents
   The Structure Of This Book
   Project Management As An Essential Function
   Projects Do Not Have To Be Large
   Project Management And Bureaucracy
   What Is The Role Of A Project Office?
   The Problem With The List Of Functions
   Fitting The Project Office Into The Organization
   Starting The Journey
   The Levels Of Project Management Capability
   Determining Your Project Management Level
   The Road Map
   Pilot Evaluation Of Project Management
   The Costs Of Implementing A Project Management Office
   What Makes A Good Project Manager?
   Project Management Attitudes
   How To Attract People Into Project Management
   Hiring Project Managers
   Training Project Managers
   The Education Path
   Mentoring Of Project Managers
   A Mutual Assistance Program
   Periodic Project Reviews
   Escalation And Notification Paths
   When The Project Manager Is Also A Team Participant
   Managing Multiple Projects
   A Basic Time Management Process
   Time Gathering And Reporting
   Initiating Projects
   Managing Scope Changes
   Managing Risks
   Establishing Project Priorities
   Closing Projects
   Resource Negotiation
   Project Management Methodologies
   Project Management Software
   Project Control Facilities
   Project Office Information
   Negotiation, Mediation, And Conflict Resolution
   Line Management Of Project Managers
   Assigning Project Managers To Projects
   Defining Required Project Management Deliverables
   Reviewing Project Management Deliverables
   Creating Consistency
   Evaluating Project Managers
   Reporting Hierarchies and Responsibility Levels CHAPTER 9. MAKING PROJECT MANAGEMENT FLEXIBLE
   The Concept Of The Project Class Application
   Descriptions Of Project Management Deliverables
   - Project Charter
   - Constraints
   - Assumptions
   - Project Satisfaction Criteria
   - Scope Statement
   - Scope Management Plan
   - Work Breakdown Structure
   - Activity Definitions
   - Activity Dependencies
   - Activity Estimates
   - Project Schedule
   - Schedule Management Plan
   - Resource Requirements 
   - Cost Estimates
   - Cost Management Plan
   - Project Plan
   - Quality Management Plan
   - Role and Responsibility Assignments
   - Staffing Management Plan
   - Organization Chart
   - Project Team Directory
   - Communications Management Plan
   - Sources of Risk and Risk Categorization
   - Risk Management Plan
   - Procurement Management Plan
   - Scope Change Requests
   - Project Records
   - Input to Performance Appraisals
   - Formal Acceptance of Deliverables and Formal Acceptance of the Project
   - Corrective Actions Checklist
   - Team Member Time Sheets
   - Performance or Status Reports
   - Lessons Learned
   - Project Archives
   - Meeting Agenda
   - Meeting Minutes
   - Issues Log
   - Project Handover Form
   Concluding Remarks


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Table of Exhibits

Table of Figures

Figure 1 – Flow Chart Of The Road Map
Figure 2 – Project Manager Recruiting Evaluation Form
Figure 3 – Sample Notification And Escalation Worksheet
Figure 4 – Determination Of Degree Of Risk
Figure 5 – Sample Project Manager Evaluation Form
Figure 6 – Progression Of Responsibilities
Figure 7 – Project Size Classification
Figure 8 – Sample Completed Project Size Classification
Figure 9 – Strategic Importance Ranking
Figure 10 – Business Risk Ranking
Figure 11 – Technical And Management Risk Ranking
Figure 12 – Project Size Ranking
Figure 13 – Project Class Summary
Figure 14 – Sample Raci Chart
Figure 15 – Determination Of Risk Severity
Figure 16 – Wbs For Setting Up A Project Office

Table Of Tables

Table 1 – Project Office Functions
Table 2 – Project Management Levels
Table 3 – Road Map To Setting Up A Project Office
Table 4 – Calculation Of Number Of Project Managers Needed
Table 5 – Responsibilities For Project Office Functions
Table 6 – Costs Of Starting And Running A Project Office
Table 7 – Basic Project Management Course Content
Table 8 – Project Leadership Course Content
Table 9 – General Management Skills Course Content
Table 10 – Project Management Policies
Table 11 – Project Management Reporting Structure
Table 12 – List Of Project Management Deliverables
Table Of Templates

Template 1 – Project Charter Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 2 – Typical Project Constraints
Template 3 – Typical Project Assumptions
Template 4 – Sample Project Satisfaction Criteria
Template 5 – Scope Management Plan Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 6 – Sample Work Breakdown Structure
Template 7 – Sample Wbs For Application Development Project
Template 8 – Sample Wbs For It Facilities Move
Template 9 – Sample Wbs For Systems Upgrade Project
Template 10 – Sample Activity Definition Form
Template 11 – Schedule Management Plan Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 12 – Cost Estimate Annotated List Of Contents
Template 13 – Cost Management Plan Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 14 – Annotated Project Plan Table Of Contents
Template 15 – Communications Management Plan Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 16 – Typical Sources Of Project Risk
Template 17 – Risk Management Plan Annotated Table Of Contents
Template 18 – List Of Typical Project Risk Symptoms
Template 19 – Sample Scope Change Request Form
Template 20 – Sample Performance Appraisal Form
Template 21 – Sample Deliverable Or Project Approval Form
Template 22 – Sample Conditions Of Acceptance Form
Template 23 – Corrective Actions Checklist
Template 24 – Sample Project Time Sheet
Template 25 – Sample Project Status Report
Template 26 – Lessons Learned Checklist
Template 27 – Sample Project Archives Index Form
Template 28 – Sample Meeting Agenda Form
Template 29 – Suggested Meeting Agenda Items
Template 30 – Sample Meeting Minutes
Template 31 – Sample Issues Log Template
Template 32 – Sample Handover Form


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Comments, Reviews, and Citations


Librairie Eyrolles carries a description and synopsis of The Project Management Office Toolkit. You can read their comments at http://www.calindex.com/livre/economie-management/management-entreprise/gestion-projet/the-project-management-office-toolkit.html

The Entrepreneurship Institute of Canada carries a description of The Project Management Office Toolkit. You can read their comments at http://www.entinst.ca/AMA-PM-Project%20Management%20Office%20Toolkit.htm

Training Media Review had this to say about The Project Management Office Toolkit:

"I wish I could have had this toolkit to help me at least a little. Remove "Project" from "The Project Management Office Toolkit" and you could easily use this toolkit to assist you in developing any management office or department from marketing to finance to training.

 "This is an easy book to read, with plenty of white space to write notes, thoughts, and ideas. It will help you develop a road map to assess where you are, introduce checklists and forms to give you a clear idea of how you wantr to set up your own project office and more importantly give you the impetus to change what you are currently doing now to a more productive approach in succeeding in your assignments and providing a climate of support."

Reprinted by permission of the publisher. Copyright © 2003 by TMR Publications at http://www.trainingmediareview.com. All rights reserved.


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About the author

Jolyon Hallows is a Certified Management Consultant and information systems professional with over 30 years of experience in business and strategic planning, consulting, and managing and executing systems development projects in complex commercial, financial, and engineering applications. He has carried out a variety of management consulting assignments and has demonstrated strong communications skills working at all levels from senior management to end users and Information Services staff. He is a proven project manager with a demonstrated ability to deliver requirements in a timely and effective manner, and to turn around projects that are in difficulty.

Experience Summary

Mr. Hallows is a Consultant with a background in systems consulting and project management. His assignments have included strategic planning, requirements analyses, technology reviews, systems development, project management, and project management reviews. His assignments have required him to work at the most senior levels of client organizations.

His clients have included Federal, Provincial, State, and Municipal Government Ministries and Departments, a large pension fund, national retailers, a community college, manufacturers, aerospace companies, and several public utilities. He has consulted on information systems strategic planning, conducted requirements definitions, led design teams, prepared cost/benefit studies, and provided other consulting advice to clients. As a senior project manager, he has developed a project management methodologies and has presented courses in project management.

Mr. Hallows has written numerous articles on various business topics for the trade press and the mass media. He is the author of Information Systems Project Management (AMACOM, 1997), Information Systems Project Management, Second Edition (AMACOM, 2004), and The Project Management Office Toolkit (AMACOM, 2001).


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Ordering Information

You can order your copy of The Project Management Office Toolkit direct from the publisher, AMACOM. Go to http://www.amanet.org/books/catalog/0814406637.htm. It is also available from the PMI Bookstore, Amazon.com or by order from any bookstore. Quote ISBN 0-8144-0663-7.


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