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How do your projects work out?

Do they usually come in on time and budget or are they consistently late and cost more than you had planned? Do they complete because of solid planning and good execution or because team member sacrifice their private lives scrambling to get the job done? Do your projects cause you many sleepless nights?

The key to ongoing, predictable success is good project management, carried out by capable project managers with the support they need to deliver value.

But of the barriers to success, two stand alone:

A lack of good training

A lack of support for project management

How can we get good training?

That's where we come in. We offer project management training that we deliver at your offices and that are customized to your needs. We've trained over a thousand project managers worldwide with courses that are acclaimed by those who take them. Click here to find out how we can train your people.

Even better, we can probably train your project managers for less than you pay them for one day's work. Click here to find out how.

How do we get good support?

We've developed a set of templates, checklists, and forms, and the processes behind them. Click here to review our Project Management Guide.

Some extra values for you

"It is customary for project managers to claim that good project management will reduce project slippages, provide better project results, save money, and usher in a whole new era of golden tranquility. Unfortunately, the claim usually founders when some gimlet-eyed corporate executive asks, “What’s the financial impact?” and then walks away when the claimant simply reiterates the argument." See our article "The Benefits of Project Management" and request the article and accompanying spreadsheet. It will help you calculate exactly what project schedule slippages cost your company each year.

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Some other useful information

Click here to look at our free project process charts. These present the steps in initiating, planning, executing, and closing out a project. They're yours for free. Just go to our contact page and ask us to send them to you.

A bit about us

And if you want to find out a bit more about us, please click here.